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You'll get exposure to a wide range of marketing departments within Oracle. Some past teams that have participated in the internship program are:

Global Events

Plan our biggest event of the year: Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco. Work directly with sponsors, partners, and customers to make this year’s OpenWorld the best Silicon Valley has ever seen. You’ll even score an invite!

Public Relations

There’s always a new product release, innovation, or exciting customer story to share with the world, and you’ll be at the center of it all. Write press releases and work directly with media to disseminate breaking Oracle news.

Analyst Relations

Analysts like Gartner are crucial to the success of our business. They let us know how we are performing in the industry. Help us manage our relationships with these key players and learn what it takes to be an industry leader.

Corporate Marketing

We’re looking for top talent to help us develop our internship programs, university capstone programs, and keep our employees constantly learning.

Data Science & Analytics

Marketing is nothing without the numbers. Machine learning, social media analytics, data visualizations – you'll be on the front lines, helping us solve our most pressing business problems.

Social Media

Help us manage relationships with our employees, customers, partners, and followers through Oracle’s social channels. We need skilled interns to strategize, plan, execute content to post and share our stories.

Customer Marketing

Work directly with the heart of our business – our customers. We need fresh perspectives to tell our customers’ stories in ways that show the world just how amazing they are.

Brand Office

Help us reimagine and further Oracle’s brand! If you haven’t heard, Oracle’s 40-year-old branding has gotten a bit of a refresh. That’s why we need new, brilliant ideas from our Brand Office interns to push us forward.

List subject to change by year

The way we run things around here

We want you to find the best fit for you and your mentor. Here is how the application process works.

Accepting Applications

We’ve already started receiving applications for our 2020 Summer Internship! To submit yours, click apply. We’ll receive thousands of applications, so if you don’t get a response right away, don’t lose hope!

Interviews Begin

Based on your resume and application, a member of our Recruitment Team will reach out to schedule a first-round interview with themselves, or another member of the team. Assuming you crush it, you will be invited to interview a second time. This could either be with another member of the Recruitment Team, or with a potential mentor. All candidates will interview with one or two potential mentors during the process, and some mentors might want other members of their teams to speak with you as well. We try to limit the process to 2-3 interviews, but depending on the team and position, there may be up to 4-5.

Offers Made

Once you nail your interviews with the Recruitment Team and mentor(s), you will be placed on the team of that mentor. You will receive an offer letter in your inbox with detailed instructions for how to accept! We’re a big company, and we treat our interns like full-time employees, so you’ll go through the same acceptance process that all Oracle employees do.

Internship Begins

Finally, after waiting the whole school year, your Oracle Internship Experience officially starts! We typically offer two start dates: one for students on the semester system, and one for students on the quarter system. You will participate in a day of onboarding with your fellow intern class, and you’ll get to meet your mentors and team right off the bat. From there, you will dive into your projects, engage in fun and informational events, get to know your intern class, network with mentors, and even receive hands-on mentorship from executives.

Then what?

“These aren’t just past resume things. They are experiences that I'm probably going to talk about for the rest of my life. It's going to be invaluable for whatever I do for the rest of my life, and certainly after I graduate.”

Kenan Kitchen
2019 Oracle Startups Intern

Ready to start the process with us?

Some frequently asked questions

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  • Will I be expected to relocate?

    Most interns are required to work in the office in which their assigned team is located, but this is not universal. To confirm, check with the Oracle hiring manager associated with your position.

  • How long will my internship last?

    Our summer internship typically last between 8-12 weeks, although many of our student interns stay on to work part-time once the summer is over!

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  • Is there a possibility to be hired full-time after my internship?

    Of course! We’re always seeking the brightest talent. Plus, getting to know and appreciate Oracle through an internship is desirable experience when it comes to full-time placement.

  • What can I expect from an interview with Oracle?

    All interviews have different components, depending on the position, the hiring manager, and the candidate. Some of this depends on whether you are applying for a technical position or a nontechnical position. Candidates applying for technical positions can usually expect an assessment or problem given to understand the breadth of their abilities. Regardless of the position, all candidates can expect to respond to a few universal questions, like:

    • Tell us a little bit about yourself.
    • What is your biggest strength/weakness?
    • What has been something that has challenged you, and how did you overcome it?
    • Why are you interested in this position?
    • Why are you interested in Oracle?
    • How do you think you will uniquely contribute to the team?
  • How can I prepare for an interview with Oracle?

    There are a few key practices that should help you prepare for an interview with us. If you want to know more, check out our Oracle Careers Blog. Here are a few tips and tricks to start:

    • Know the company and the role inside and out.
    • Know your interviewer. If you have access to their name and position, look them up to get some background. It’s not creepy!
    • Have specific examples of your experiences prepared (numbers and results help!).
    • Ask insightful follow-up questions.
  • What qualities is Oracle looking for in an intern?

    Every role will be different, but at Oracle we do look for certain characteristics from our employees. Our interns are:

    • Self-starters who are willing to take the initiative on projects
    • Lovers of learning that are always looking for creative ways to problem solve
    • Hand-raisers that aren’t afraid to ask questions or to challenge the status quo
    • Passionate individuals who have interests both inside and outside of work
  • Should I expect an in-person interview?

    Oracle interviews can be completed online (Skype or Zoom), over the phone, or in person. This might vary depending on the interviewer's preferences, or the nature of the position. For example, most technical interviews will have an online and over-the-phone component, as most will involve a skills assessment. On the other hand, behavioral interviews will most likely be completed over the phone or in person, depending on where a candidate lives. Once you receive an invitation to interview, a hiring manager will provide you with specific instructions.

  • How will I know if the position has been filled?

    If you have been in contact with a hiring manager, that individual will let you know when a position has been filled. If you do not receive a response to your application for over 2 months, it’s safe to assume that the position has been filled.